Message from the Pastor:

Going Home

Psalms 5:7-8 The Passion Translation

7 But I know that you will welcome me into your house,
for I am covered by your covenant of mercy and love.
So I come to your sanctuary with deepest awe
to bow in worship and adore you.
8 Yahweh, lead me in the pathways of your pleasure
just like you promised me you would,
or else my enemies will conquer me.
Smooth out your road in front of me,
straight and level so that I will know where to walk.


*Greetings New Life church family. As you already know the uprising in COVID cases is raging. Due to this severe increase in infections, we will NOT be in service today. We will continue to value the health of our members over every decision to enter the church building. At this time we intend to do next Sunday, December 20, as a Facebook Live service. We will NOT be open to the general population but we will have our Christmas Service as intended. Please keep your church family as well as the thousands of people impacted by this infection in your prayers. Let us also pray for the effectiveness of the vaccination. Stay safe. Stay Healthy, Stay encouraged. 



After much prayer and with a grateful heart I have heard from the Lord that it is time to come home. As pastor and shepherd of the New Life Baptist Church it is a great responsibility to keep the health and welfare of the church family as a top priority of mine. These past nine months have been very trying for everyone and we are still fully aware of the continual, often devastating impact that the Corona Virus/COVID-19 is having on the world. 


Even as excited as we are about going back into the sanctuary, we will be administering every CDC guideline. We are asking all of our members to prayerfully and carefully read these guidelines so that we can provide the safest and healthiest environment in the building. We are relying on each person and family to make their own decision as to their return because your personal challenges may be considered.


Please read the following very carefully and contact us with any questions. 

We will be returning to our church on December 6, 2020 at 11:15 am. This is a communion Sunday, and we will serve communion immediately following the morning service. Every member is encouraged to assess their own health and welfare in deciding to attend service, there is no pressure to attend.


We will adhere to ALL CDC guidelines for service.


We will have only the front door open for entrance so each attendee can have their temperature taken and be signed in (for purpose of contact tracing if needed) and we will make sure they are masked, adults and children alike. All attendees will sanitize their hands upon entry and departure. We will exit through the side door only and ushers will help to keep the flow of people moving.  


The entire church will be sanitized prior to the service and then redone each week prior to service. Every other pew will be closed off and we will sit at least 6ft apart from one another. Families can sit together. Only the pastor will be on the pulpit and anyone doing scripture, prayer or announcements will use their own given microphone and just go to the front of church and return to their seat.


All seated attendees must keep their mask on during service. Praise and worship singers can remove masks for singing only.    

Offering will be directed by ushers to keep the attendees distanced as they bring up their offering. Service will be adjusted to control the time.  It will resemble the service we had when we did Live service. There will no be Sunday school until further notice.  


Order of Service

11:15-11:30 media sanctuary worship music

11:30 Invocation prayer

Scripture Reading

2 Selections





Benediction Prayer  


The children will remain in sanctuary with their families through-out December  

***We are asking all attendees to exit as soon as possible following service. The downstairs will be closed off until further notice. 

***If anyone (adults and children) need to use the restroom please remember to WASH YOUR HANDS thoroughly before returning to sanctuary.    

*** As hard as it might be to want to hug PLEASE DON’T.! Let’s just do an elbow bump please. I’m sure we’ll hug sometime in 2021 (smile).  

*** There will NOT be a traditional Christmas program but on the 20th, we will Celebrate in a creative and safe way (TBD).

*** Watch night service will be on December 31 at noon for a 1-hour service. 

*** For communion we will be using the “all in one” communion set which the deacons will serve to seated attendees.   

*** Continue to watch for any weather conditions that might cause a service cancelation.  

*** Regretfully at this time we will ask anyone that cannot wear a mask to enjoy our service online at the website but NOT to come to the building.


In the event…

If at any time are notified that anyone that was in service has tested positive with COVID-19 we will immediately notify ALL the people that had been in service that Sunday and advise them to have a COVID test. We will also re-sanitize the building and if necessary, we will close the church until we are certain all the steps have been taken to re-open. The church family will need to continue to check the website for updates and information continually.

319 N. 2nd St.

Apollo, Pa 15613